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PostSubject: Warnings/bans   Warnings/bans I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 21, 2013 10:50 pm

Even though we dislike to do this we must have these kinds of punishments.


1. Your first warning you will be giving is when you repeatally are being mean or cruel to someone. It will be also given if you swear or break a big rule.

2. A second warning is given when you get two one rate warnings in a row. Or if you are being mean in both rp and chat. This includes over doing shipping a cyber-bulling or swearing constantly.

3. A third warning is an immediate stripe of rank and of many things. You will be banned for a week and you will lose all talons.

4. If this unfortunately happens you will be permanently banned forever.

5. This happens if you are constantly being a problem. Your ip will be banned your ip will be reported to Forumotion and you will be dealt with from there. Please do not let it get to this.


1. One ban is a small punishment you only get banned for a week.

2. If you get a second ban you are banned for 3 weeks.

3. You will be docked 30 talons weither you own them or not and you will be banned for a month

4. You will be banned for two months

5. PERMENATLY banned
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