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How to rank up! Vqhe9j


 How to rank up!

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Cat's Clan and Rank : [A]- ThunderClan: Leader
[S]- ShadowClan: Warrior
[D]- SkyClan: Warrior
[T]- RiverClan: Deputy
[SF]- WindClan: Warrior
[C]- ThunderClan: Medicine Cat
Mentor : None
Gender : Female Posts : 119
Mate : No
Kits : None

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PostSubject: How to rank up!   How to rank up! I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 21, 2014 10:06 am

To become a Apprentice, warrior or Deputy their are certain things that must happen first. This page also shows your Stamina and Strength.

Kit- Stamina 5 Strength 2

Apprentice- Stamina 15 Strength 15
You must have had at least a weeks activation and posted at least 5 times.

Newly Appointed Warrior- Stamina 25 Strength 30
You must know the battle system well.
Been to at least one Gathering.
Your mentor and the leader must agree that you are ready.
A months activation from being an apprentice.

Warrior- Stamina 40 Strength 50
2 months of being a warrior.

Senior Warrior- Stamina 60 Strength 75
6 months of being a warrior

Elder- Stamina 25 Strength 30
A whole year at least. Unless there is an accident and you can no longer fight.

Deputy- Stamina 85 Strength 90
Have mentored at least one apprentice.
The leader choses you.
You must be ready to lead your clan if the leader dies.

Leader- Stamina 90 Strength 120
Has been Deputy at least a month.
Is fit to be leader. Which means an admin must confirm it.
Know your responsibilities to the clan.
Post regularly.
Keeps up with ceremonies.
Loses lives fairly. You can't just never lose a life.

Medicine Cat- Stamina 40 Strength 15
Must be approved to be a medicine cat apprentice.
Learn all the herbs and use them with fluency.
Be able to take on responsibilities of being a medicine cat.
Teach an apprentice.

KittyPet- Stamina 15 Strength 5
You can live with house folk.
You can go to live with the clans if your accepted.

Loner- Stamina 40 Strength 50
You live alone or with other cats.
You can join a clan if they accept you.

Rogue- (You leave with what you got from the clan)
You live alone or with others.
You cannot join a clan after being exiled.
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How to rank up!
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