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PostSubject: WolfQuest: Wrath of Evilstar   WolfQuest: Wrath of Evilstar I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 11, 2014 1:57 pm

so I been thinking, should I start a book? well I been writing and here is Chapter One, enjoy!!

Chapter 1: I play with TNTStar's Explodeables.

I woke up with a minute of blinking, hearing the deer cross my lonely, empty den. I wondered if Shadowstar was gonna come back from
hunting soon, maybe dusk. Oh wait have I told you my name even yet? I'm so dumb. My name, is WolfStar. My other name is Hiawatha, and I'll
be telling you a story of the early years.

It was a dawn, a beauty star light shined at our den, I was only a week old, eyes never awaken themself. My brother, Striker, was 2 weeks, chasing butterflies across
Slough Creek. Mother licked my fur to keep very healthy. 2 years later My Father, Drago, died of My mortal enemy, and yet I always wanted to tell you. EvilStar.

Legend has that he 5 lions with his bare fangs, I swear I could kill 10 of them instead. most of his body is red, a chain on his left paw, he broke out of our prison 1 week
ago. Striker went out with our brothers. Birdstar, Skystar and Hawkstar, to hunt down the enemy. "We will be back soon." Striker said to em and ran off.

I stood alone, but My mother was beside me. 3 days later Striker came back with the rest, but he had a shocking face. I knew he didn't get Evilstar. "Brother, lets see TNTStar for a second." I said, gave a dark look. "Alright but he
said that he is out to find more gunpowder." Striker warned, and I got on my four legs, and walked with my brother.

Few Minutes Later we arrived and saw crates, barrels and cannons, also firestarters. "Wow." I said with a surprised look, this can blow up the whole workshop. I looked around and I sat down neat the fireplace, smoke coming out of the chimey. Striker gave a grin face and rolled a barrel down to our den, I walked with him and we head back to our den.

+Chapter 2 will come soon!+

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PostSubject: Re: WolfQuest: Wrath of Evilstar   WolfQuest: Wrath of Evilstar I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 12, 2014 4:03 pm

Nice story, Striker!

I tried being normal once. Worst 5 minutes of my life.
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