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 Fighting Techniques

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PostSubject: Fighting Techniques   Sun Sep 21, 2014 1:52 pm

One of the most important skills a mentor must teach an apprentice is how to fight.

Back Kick- Stamina 10 Strength 15
Explosive surprise move to catch opponent from behind. Judge opponent's distance from you carefully; then lash put with your back legs, taking your weight on your front paws.

Belly Rake- Stamina 20 Strength 15
A fight stopper. Slice with unsheathed claws across soft flesh of opponsnts belly. If you are pinned down, the belly rake quickly puts you back in control.

Front Paw Blow- Stamina 10 Strength 10
Frontal attack. Bring your opponent's head. Claws sheathed.

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Fighting Techniques
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